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FRANCE 2002 (90′)- Dir.: Luc Pagès. With Gad Elmaleh, Cécile de France. Official site

A+ Pollux is the third film in a very short time in which the beautiful Cécile de France stars. (The other two are Irène and L’Auberge Espagnole.) Although she plays the title role (Pollux), she is not much seen in this little gem (unfortunately). The story is more about the love Halvard (a very nice role by Gad Elmaleh) feels for this young and unconventional girl whom he literally rans into in the middle of the night. She leaves as sudden as she came into his life, and the only thing he has is a phone number that’s hard to read. He devotes his time in finding her back, convinced that she is his ‘grand amour’.

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