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Life or something like it (USA) Dir.: With Angelina Jolie, Edward Burns.
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What would you do when you found out that you only had seven days left before you die? I would try to have as much sex as physically possible with Angelina Jolie. But unfortunately when Jolie in this scenario finds out that she will die next thursday, she only wants to have sex with Edward Burns. In Life, or something like it, Jolie plays a high flying and talented Seattle news reporter, while Burns is a down-to-earth cameraman. Of course the two can’t stand eachother, but then something happens, and the two fall in love. Sounds familiar? Well, it is an American romantic comedy after all, full of clichés, but Jolie’s peroxided hair and incredibly set of lips will turn any rainy afternoon into a sunny escape.
Now showing in France. Later this year in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Argentina.

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