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Since 1999, I’ve written and contributed to a number of books.

Together with Roel Wolbrink, I am the co-author of The Little Blue Book, a successful style guide on manners, food and fashion. Its last version was published in 2016, Over 70,000 copies have been sold. Wolbrink and De Vries also wrote The Blue Book Dress codes and together we give training sessions and presentations on etiquette, clothing and gastronomy.

In March 2009, De Francyclopedie was published, a little encyclopedia about all things French, full of history, anecdotes and useless facts (ISBN 9789080888098). In October 2011 appeared Onder mijn zolen! (‘Under my soles!’) on the revolutions in the Arab world, written together with Marijn Kruk. In 2014, I wrote Parijs op Zak (ISBN 9789049802943), a travel guide for insiders.


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