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Ivan’s XTC (USA XXXX, XX’). Dir.: With: Danny Huston. Official site

There’s something rotten in the state of Hollywood. And it’s called ‘Agents’. That breed that is often described as being worse than ‘the devil, even worse than lawyers’. Ivan Beckman (Danny Huston) is one of them, and a rather succesful one. But to survive the fast lane, he needs a lot of alcohol and cocaine. And he’s not the only one When he finally dies, everybody is convinced that is because of his drug (ab)use.

Ivans XTC is a dark film, not particularly good, not particularly bad. If you are in the film industry, this could be an interesting film. But the shaky camera handling makes the whole film, well, a little shaky.

Seen: London, August 1, 2002. Now showing in the UK; release dates for other countries not known yet.

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