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Stefan de Vries is a multimedia journalist based in Paris, covering European current affairs.

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A Philosopher, an EU Supergirl and a French MP

The podcast on Brexit that gives you the view from the Continent With just twenty-three weeks to go, a hard Brexit seems more and more likely. In this week’s episode, three very diverse guests talk about le divorce. I’ll discuss that with Alexandre Holroyd, a Franco-British Londoner who is also a Member of the French National […]

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S01E02 – B*ll*cks to Brexit!

This week I talk to Charlie Mullins OBE. He is the founder of Pimlico Plumbers, a former Tory donor and he says “Bollocks to Brexit!”. Can the Norwegian relation with the EU be a model for the future relationship between the UK and the Continent? Norwegian Top-diplomat Niels Engelschion tells us more. Dutch hit author […]

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S01E01 – From Strawberries to Smoothies

In this first episode, we’ll learn… * How Brexit will transform Strawberries into smoothies, * what it takes for a Brit in Berlin to become a German citizen * and how a Dutch Academic in Wales is sandwiched between Remainers and Brexiteers. Recorded in Paris, October 1, 2018

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The Vatican Visit and the Vegans Revolt

So French Episode 54So French Episode 54

Emmanuel Macron went to the Vatican, while French butchers were under fire. They ask for police protection because they fear vegan attacks. French police uncovered another terrorist plot. But this time one of the suspects is a former… police officer Immigration has been dominating European headlines and scaring European politicians for almost three weeks now. […]

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Wax Disaster

In our regular cheese update, we talk about the great French Camembert war! No cheesefire in sight, as purists defend a smelly national treasure. Our guest Charles Wente (Senior Producer, France 24) will give us his insightful perspective on this week’s topics. And if you thought Emmanuel Macron was good looking, take a good look […]

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A delicious Wife and a resentful ex-President

So French Episode 50

This is the 50th Episode of So French!. A grand merci to all our listeners! This week: With strikes, bad approval ratings and a trolling former President all at once, Macron has little reason to celebrate his first anniversary. We also talk about the Cannes Filmfestival and about the strategic interests of New Caledonia. And you […]

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Macron's Anger Management

So French Podcast #48

Everybody seemed a bit angry at Macron this week: the railway workers, the Italians and some MP’s who risk losing their job due to new reforms. France is going to invest 1.5 billion euros in a technology that could eradicate mankind. And if you are afraid of asking a grumpy French waiter for a doggy […]

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Episode 45: I want to ride my bicycle!

So French!, the podcast from Paris

Paris is suffocating again because of heavy air pollution, again. Yet it is pretty hard to change the mentality of the Parisians when it comes to mobility We’ll also talk about the first part of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s memoirs. Rock Star Johnny Halliday’s family is fighting over his 100 million euro estate. And Emmanuel Macron […]

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Episode 44: Snow French!

So French, the podcast from Paris

It’s snowing a lot in Paris, but we will take you to the sunny Island of Beauty, and that is Corsica, of course. Millennials, or the boring new generation. And we’ll dicuss food, and stars and unbearable pressure. Maud Descamps is with us for a brand new winter-related expression of the week.   Recorded in […]

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So French! - Episode 43

The Jupitarian president once again using the Sun King’s to help conqueur the world. In other news: Prison guards are angry, the World’s best ice cream is French and Parisians are getting wet feet.   Recorded in Paris, January 27, 2018

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