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Chinese hackers, Italian politics and a feisty correspondence between France and the US.

Start the weekend with a good argument. This week: Italy’s a nation run by old white men. In the run-up to a snap general election, François Picard’s panel explains the surge of anti-establishment comedian Beppe Grillo. Also, China’s cyber-hacking army and the slanging match over ‘lazy French workers’.

With Craig Copetas, Correspondent-at-large, Quartz/The Atlantic Group, Anne Bagamery, European Day Editor, International Herald Tribune, Alberto Romagnoli, Paris bureau chief, Rai TV and yours truly. Hosted by François Picard.

Part 1:

02/22/2013 THE WORLD THIS WEEK par france24english

Part 2:

02/22/2013 THE WORLD THIS WEEK par france24english

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