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Order a T-shirt online and get a nudist for free.


People who wanted to order children’s clothing at La Redoute, were until yesterday confronted with a naked gentleman. Internet users discovered a major blunder on the website of the French mail order company La Redoute (Comparable to Littlewoods in the UK).

At first glance there seems nothing wrong with the photo of four happy children on a beach. It is an illustration for a T-shirt in the catalogue. But after a closer look however, you can see that to the right of one of the kids, a naked man is walking to the coast. For a better view of the clothes, it is possible to zoom in on the picture, and therefore to investigate the gentleman’s instrument.

It looks like many people at La Redoute have been sleeping in the selection process of this image. First of all the photographer who never paid attention on the beach, but nor later in the post-production on his computers. The site’s graphic designer clearly had an off-day when they put this page online.

La Redoute is quite embarrassed by the mistake. On Twitter (over 137,000 followers) and Facebook (more than 711,000 fans), the company has already apologized; the picture has been replaced by an image of a pink T-shirt. There will be an investigation into the cause of this ‘error’.

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