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USA/LUX/FR 2001 (88′)- Dir.: Roman Coppola. With Jeremy Davies, Angela Lindvall, Elodie Bouchez, Billy Zane. | My rating: 3 stars | Official site

The setting is Paris in 1969. The styling is well done. And the story is a little farfetched but nevertheless entertaining. CQ is a film about a filmmaker who makes a film about himself, an ‘hones’ black and white portrait. His daytime job is editor on the set of ‘Dragonfly’, a science fiction fantasy with about a sexy secret agent who lives on the top of the Eiffel Tower in a futuristic Paris in 2001. Jeremy Davies is as flegmatic as ever and model Angela Lindvall is refreshing as Dragonfly (and has a beautiful dreamy voice).
CQ was not released in the USA, except on
. Maybe because it got bad reviews during its screening in Cannes 2001. I very much enjoyed it though.

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