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Cavale FR/BEL 2002 (111′)- Dir.: Lucas Belvaux. With Lucas Belvaux, Cathérine Frot, Dominique Blanc, Ornella Muti. My rating: 3 stars | Official site | dvd

Cavale (‘Escape’) is the second part of a strange trilogy, the other two being Un couple épatant and Après la vie. Every film is an independent story, although most of the actors appear in the three films. Each film is another genre as well, like a comedy, a thriller and a drama.

cavaleThe stories of the three seperate films, nor the genres or themes have nothing in common. The connecting element is the city, and the main characters who know eachother. But seeing more than one film makes the others stronger, because there are more subtilities. Some scenes only make sense when you see the other parts of the trilogy, and that is at the same time the strength and the weakness of this ambitious project.
Belvaux tells everything in detail, and seems afraid of cutting. The film’s tone has ressemblences with Roberto Succo and L’Adversaire, but I think Belvaux is a better actor than director.

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