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FR/BE 2002 (130′)- Dir.: Delphine Gleize. With Chiara Mastroianni, Jacques Gamblin, Angela Molina. | My rating: 3 stars | Official site | dvd

One of the reasons I love living in France is because people make films like Carnages. Carnages is a kind of roadmovie telling the voyage of the corpse of a dead ‘toro’. Somehow its bodyparts cross the lives of 10 different people in a very peculiar way. Almost all scenes are little paintings, carefully arranged settings with a twist. Some scenes are very graphic (the decomposing of animals is a reccurent theme), but never revolting. The film is composed through contradictions: death vs. (re)birth; human vs. animal; departure vs. arrival. The film is poetic, imaginative and very ruch. Debutant director Delphine Gleize could become a big one, and I hope she does.

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