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Although I admit to sin maybe once every two months, I think Fast and Food are two words that do not belong together in the same phrase. The book Fast Food Nation has cured me forever. From now on I will opt for Slow Food. McDonald’s and other fastfoodchains are not the only demons. Schlosser writes a lot about the history and practice of IBP, and other food processors.

Fast Food Nation is a very interesting account. Schlosser has made numerous trips, and his book is filled with references, experiences and juicy stories. It is remarkable that the book never talks about the actual quality of food, but almost exclusively about the production of it. Which is probably a token of how food is regarded in the USA, the UK and growingly in the rest of the World: food is a product, and taste or health do not matter at all.
I wonder if obeisity is a direct result of the amount of food taken, or that it is a direct result about the way food is eaten and perceived.

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