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title_books.pngKatie Carr thinks she is a good person because she is a doctor, and is sometimes able to make ill people better. She doesn’t really care How to be Good, she knows she is. She is a GP. She cares about Third World debt and homelessness, and struggles to raise her children with a conscience. At least she is better than her husband David, who is slowly tuning into a grumpy old man. A divorce is inevitable. Untill the day that David meets some kind of spiritual healer, DJ Goodnews, and changes David’s behaviour 180 degrees.  While Katie finds herself in a Leeds car-park, having just slept with another man. What she doesn’t yet realise is that her Fall from Grace is just the first step on a spiritual journey more torturous than the M25 at rush-hour. Because, prompted by his wife’s actions, David is about to stop being Angry. He’s about to become Good–not Guardian-reading, organic-food-eating good, but Good in the fashion of the Gospels.

Like in his previous books High Fidelity and About a BoyBritish writer Nick Hornby shows us the funny side of a midlife crisis of well-of 30-somethings, who would like to be rebels, but deep inside are just looking for recognition and love. How to be good is a nice companion on some sunny beach far away from every day problems.


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