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Todas las azafatas van al cielo ARG 2002 (93′)- Dir.: Daniel Burman. With Alfredo Casero, Ingrid Rubio. My rating: 3 stars | Official site | dvd

Teresa is a stewardess, pregnant but without a boyfriend. On one of her trips to the ‘end of the world’, as the Argentinians like to call Patagonia, she decides to get an abortion, and then to commit suicide. But when she meets Julián, who has taken her flight to disperse his wife’s ashes, her view on life suddenly changes. Julian has decided he wants to freeze to death in Patagonia. But Teresa succeeds in warming up his heart.

All Stewardesses go to Heaven is a gentle and sweet film. The film has been awarded the “Grand Prix Du Public” at the Biarritz Festival.

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