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Macron's Anger Management

So French Podcast #48

Everybody seemed a bit angry at Macron this week: the railway workers, the Italians and some MP’s who risk losing their job due to new reforms. France is going to invest 1.5 billion euros in a technology that could eradicate mankind. And if you are afraid of asking a grumpy French waiter for a doggy […]

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The Sun King, Startups and Simone Veil

So French! - Episode 33

‘Le Startup’ is the magic word in France since Macron became a president. This week he opend the world’s largest incubator, in the heart of Paris. Both President Macron and Prime Minister Philippe held long speeches this week to unveil their programme. One of France’s most beloved women passed away, Simone Veil (89). Who was […]

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Is Macron eyeing the top job?

This week on Face-off: French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is not only the most popular politician on the left, but he is also respected by many on the right. Buoyed by popular results in the opinion polls and widespread approval amongst the French for his free-market and reformist policies, Emmanuel Macron may have his sights […]

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