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Stefan de Vries is a multimedia journalist based in Paris, covering European current affairs.

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Episode 37 – A Presidential Poem

Many women and some men, around the world have added their voices to a wave of complaints about sexual harassment. In France, the Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan and the film director Roman Polanski were publicly confronted with their past. The government presented a 1 billion euro plan to reform the French University System. But why? […]

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Episode 36 – Rat on your pig

In this week’s episode We’ll take a closer look at how the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #metoo hashtag has affected France When the days are getting shorter, and the trees are losing their leaves, it’s not uncommon for Europeans to be a little bit sombre in this time of the year. The French seem […]

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Episode 31 – State of Emergency: The New Normal

The French government would like to turn the exceptional measures of the state of emergency into regular law. We discuss the worrying implications of this bill with Marco Perolini, of Amnesty International. This weekend, it’s election time again. This time, the French go to the polls to vote for their MP’s. It looks like it’s […]

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Episode 30 – Moralisation and Muddy Waters

In their first week, the Government is already involved in two potential scandals. Once again the French media revealed some embarrassing details about two politicians, both close to Emmanuel Macron. The new President has promised to clean up his country’s politics, so what will he do? He is preparing a new law to ‘moralise’ politics, […]

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Social Unrest

Another week of social unrest in France: A series of strikes have been launched to protest the government’s proposed labour reform as the country is gearing up for the European football championship. For now, the face-off continues and tempers are flaring with the head of the union representing employers going as far as to accuse […]

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Is Macron eyeing the top job?

This week on Face-off: French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is not only the most popular politician on the left, but he is also respected by many on the right. Buoyed by popular results in the opinion polls and widespread approval amongst the French for his free-market and reformist policies, Emmanuel Macron may have his sights […]

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France’s ruling Socialist Party held its congress last weekend in Poitiers. After weeks of tensions, it managed to avoid a nasty split between supporters of the government and President Hollande, and those who criticise his perceived tilt towards the right of centre. But these disagreements are still simmering and could hurt Hollande’s re-election prospects in […]

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Metastasen van een terminaal systeem

Le comportement des députés Thomas Thevenoud (PS) et Jérôme Lavrilleux (UMP) montre le profond mépris des élus pour leur électorat.

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Gebrek aan kandidates voor EC

Er zitten helaas weinig vrouwelijke kandidaten voor de nieuwe Europese Commissie.

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Hollande in een lastig parket

Een paar lastige dagen voor François Hollande…

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