Dark Licht

FR 2002 (98′) – Dir.: Jean-Pierre Limosin. With Edouarda Noriega, Anna Mouglalis, Nathalie Richard, Paz Vega. | 3 stars Official site | Anna Mouglalis | Edouardo Noriega | dvd

Due to a shock Graham/Pablo only disposes of a very term memory. Since love mainly consists of memories he can’t fall in love with the girl that falls in love with him (Irène, played by the sizzling Anna Mouglalis, the new model of Chanel). She tries to build up something with him anyway. Graham falls in love too, but he keeps forgetting about Irène. To help his memory he notes everything in a little notebook that is tied around his wrist.

Mouglalis is considered one of the most promising new actresses in French cinema. A third of the time she is naked in the film, and does so in a completely natural way. Novo sometimes doesn’t tell a story but is just a collection of beautiful images.

Some critics compared this film with Christopher Nolan’s Memento, but that is a useless comparison. The only thing these two films have in common is a man who suffers of amnesia.

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