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Bowling for Columbine USA 2002 (120′)- Dir.: Michael Moore. With Charlton Heston, Marilyn Manson. My rating: 3 stars | Official site | dvd

Writer/director Michael Moore does not really like America. Bowling for Columbine shows what’s wrong with America when it comes to armed violence. One of Moore’s questions is how it is possible that every year 11.227 people die from gunfire in the USA, and only 68 in the UK. He doesn’t really answer it, but his quest for a reply results in a highly entertaining and eyeopening documentary, inspired by the events at an American high school in Littleton (Co.), Columbine High, when two pupils killed 12 other pupils and wounded 24, before committing suicide.

Anti-American feelings sell in Europe, where the film is doing extremely well for a documentary. Worldwide the film has almost grossed 20 million dollars. Michael Moore is a little strange, but he is the only person in the USA who dares to have a different opinion, and, more important, who dares to express this opinion. Of course it is as much propaganda as CNN, but at least it is propaganda in a more ironic at less pretentious way (I especially liked the brief and animated history of America, made by the people of Southpark).

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