Dark Licht

USA 2002 (96 very long minutes)- Dir.: Joel Zwick. With Nia Vardalos, Michael Constatine, John Corbett. My rating: less than zero stars | Official site

The success of this film can be considered as one of The True Great Mysteries of The 21st Century. The screenplay is ridicously stupid, the actors can not act, and worse of it all: everybody in the film is incredibly ugly. Except for the only non-Greek guy, who is relatively handsome (do you know the law of Relative Beauty? Well, if everybody is ugly, and there is one person who is a little less ugly, the less ugly person suddenly becomes attractive. This law is usually enforced during high alcohol consumption). But since he wants to marry an ugly big fat Greek girl, he can not be very intelligent. And people who are not intelligent are rarely attractive. Which means that this film has virtually NO sexy people in it (Rule 1 in Film Making: cast at least one sexy person).

Avoid this film at all cost. And never go to a Greek restaurant again! (Sorry, Babis)

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