Dark Licht

NL 2002 (117′)- Dir.: Pol de Pimentel. With Katja Schuurman, Egbert Jan Weeber. Official site

Nam Kee is a well-known Chinese restaurant on the Zeedijk in the Amsterdam Red Light District. It is also the spot where Berry (Egbert Jan Weeber) and Thera (played by Katja Schuurman, and this month’s Dutch Playmate) eat their Oysters and fall in love. During their short relation Thera falls ill, and somehow to her this is a reason to stop seeing Berry. Berry becomes sad, and angry, and en passant shoots somebody. That’s it. Katja has a nice body, but who cares? With characters as profound as a thimble, Oysters never takes off. Somewhere during the film she says: “Things that are good, shouldn’t last too long”. Well, this film is not good, but definitely too long…

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