Dark Licht

USA 2002 (90′) – Dir.: Jon Sherman. With Monica Potter, Gaël Garcia Bernal, Anthony LaPaglia. My rating: 3 stars | Official site (in French)

Sex and the City, Ally McBeal, Bridget Jones… What’s wrong with women in their late 20’s/early 30’s? In spite of millions of years of evolution, women still think that hapiness is a species called Man. But where to find a Good Male Oasis in the desert of scumbags who are not able to be great lovers, outstanding cooks, walking birthday calendars, affectionfactories and emotional rocks, preferably all at the same time? Lucy (I won’t slap you with my purse when you accidentally call her Ally, or Carrie, or whatever) has five dates in one year (no wonder Americans are sexually frustrated), and one of them must be Mr. Right. But who? The slick and goodlooking doctor ? A Scottish scientist? A former base-ball player? An intellectual Latin lover? Or maybe the nerdy, but nice computerstore owner (played by E.T.’s friend Elliott!)?
Lucy is a sweet girl, played by freshly looking Monica Potter. The film has a good rhytm that leads you smoothly from one situation to another. Sometimes Lucy is even quite funny. And although I’m with Lucy is a comedy, it does not have a very happy end: Lucy gets married.

Strangely enough the film has only be released in France and in Poland (and not in the US or UK). The film is available on DVD now (order in France and in the USA).

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