Dark Licht

Irène> (FR 2002, xx’) Dir.: xxx With Cécile de France. My rating:

Irène is a pretty but insecure employee in a big firm. She just turned 30 and still has no boyfriend… It seems as if she doesn’t really like men at all. But then there is guy at her office, who turns her head upside down. Unfortunately he has to go to Tokyo for a mission. He agrees to stay in touch through the Internet, and a webcam spices up their fresh relationship. The painter who is repainting her apartment develops a certain interest in Irène, but that doesn’t seem to be mutual. But when Irene discovers that her virtual boyfriend never left Paris, and has been lying to her all the time, she is even more dissapointed in men. Luckily the painter can give her live a little bit more colour…

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