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Who are you? Where am I? And Why?

Welcome! My name is Stefan de Vries [*1970], and this is my official site. I’m a journalist based in France, and here you can find news, videos, reports and comments on France, Europe and sometimes on random stuff.

I’m currently working as a freelance journalist in Paris for international media like RTL (Netherlands), BBC Radio, France 24 and the VRT (Flemish public broadcaster). I also co-host So French!, the bi-weekly podcast about all things French. In the French media (France 24, iTélé, Arte, France Info, France Culture, Europe 1) I regularly act as a court jester, analyzing and if necessary mocking international and French current affairs. I provide breaking news coverage and analysis in English for CNN, Sky News, LBCABC Australia, Radio New Zealand and other channels around the globe. I’ve also published Op-Eds in many newspapers and magazines like La Croix, The New York Times, Libération et al.


I was born in the Netherlands on the day this song hit the #1 spot on the UK Charts. The tune is as careless as was my childhood (not very helpful for a writer) in the province of Zeeland. After grammar school I headed north, to study law at the University of Amsterdam. During the most recent fin de siècle (1999), I quit my career in the Netherlands as a copy writer, to find culinary asylum in Paris. There I started working as a Design Director at Prisma Presse (part of Bertelsmann), giving a dozen of well-known French magazines their first websites. A few years later I decided to pursue my dream: I went to Hollywood to study cinema. Here I completed the director’s course at the New York Film Academy. Once back in Paris, I hoped to become the next Stefan Spielberg, but my film career never really took off. That gave me plenty of spare time to enroll at the Sorbonne in Paris. A couple of years later I graduated cum laude (it sounds more impressive than it actually is) in Art History and Archaeology. Finally, in 2005, I became a full time journalist.

I’m a founding board member of Européens sans frontières, board member of Europresse and a member of the Association des journalistes européens. In 2012, my work as a journalist covering the European Union was awarded the Prix de l’initiative européenne in Paris. A year later, the European Mouvement in The Hague named me the Euro Dutchman of the Year.


I have written several books. More on these here. I’m currently working on two new books, one about contemporary France and another on Beauty. If you are a publisher and you would like to suggest a project for a book, please discuss this with my literary agent in Amsterdam, Lolies van Grunsven.

Lectures and presentations

My international experience, broad knowledge and unconventional approach make me a popular speaker at conferences and presentations. I give talks on Europe, etiquette, fashion, food and drink, art, beauty and journalism. Please contact me for bookings.


Do you have specific questions or are you being tormented by an urgent matter of life? Would you simply like to have the recipe for my tarte tatin a la Mangue? Please fill out the contact form. You get as quickly and as personal as possible. You will find more information about my education and experience in my CV (PDF). If you’re just looking for some random answers, you can also check out my FAQ section.