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musicIn December 2001 I bought a cd solely on the basis of the name of the artist: Bonobo (a.k.a. Simon Green from Brighton), my favourite animal. The CD was called Animal Magic, and proved out to be a little gem.

This week Ninja Tune released Bonobo’s second album Dial M For Monkey. This one is even better than his first one. Dial M for Monkey sounds happier, more optimistic, and more extrovert than its predecessor. Maybe because Bonobo comes from the seaside himself that Dial M for Monkey sounds as the ideal companion for the beach, drinking a cool mojito, and accompanied by a girl (or a boy) in a Pucci bikini. The funky track Pick Up reminds a little bit of St. Germain’s track Rose Rouge, but this one is much better and could easily become this year’s summer hit on Europe’s fashionable beaches (Ibiza, St. Tropez, Tarifa, Bloemendaal). Or in 2004 if they don’t read this website.

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