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USA 2002 (120′)- Dir.: Sam Mendes. With Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Claire Danes. Official site

The Hours was marketed as a film with fantastic women in it. And of course it has a wonderful ensemble of actors (male and female), my attention went entirely to Claire Danes who is such a pretty lady. Add to that the exquisite photography and the dreamy, yet adequate soundtrack by Philip Glass, and you get a gem of rare beauty.

The HoursI was always a little bit afraid of Virginia Woolfe’s work, but I will start reading one of her books very soon.
Many things have been said and written about this sophisticated film. But I have read nothing about the remarkable fact that Hollywood seems to be dominated by a Quality Maffia. I have the impression that today’s inventive and original American cinema turns around Steven Soderbergh. Time to rebaptise the Kevin Bacon Game into the Soderbergh game. I made it from Steven Soderbergh to Steven Soderbergh in 4 steps: Steven Soderbergh directed Solaris with George Clooney (step 1) who directed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which was written by Charlie Kauffmann (step 2) who also wrote Adaption, with Meryl Streep (step 3) who played in The Hours, which also starred Julianne Moore (step 4), who played in Far From Heaven which was executive-produced by… Steven Soderbergh.

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